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                             VINCICOAT -  NEW BRIGHTNESS

The Reno de Medici mill in Santa Giustina which is located in the north of Italy near the beautiful Dolomite mountains produces mainly the cartonboard grades named VINCICOAT(112), VINCIBRIGHT(113), VINCIWHITE(117) and VINCI AVANA (962).

Careo is proud to announce an increase in the brightness of these products from 80% to 82% (ISO 2470 Brightness). There is also improved surface consistency due to the improved technical characteristics resulting from the machine modernisation. These improvements are as a result of feedback from our valued customers and in turn, their desire to offer added value to their customers thereby securing long term partnerships.   

Santa Giustina mill has a capacity of 240.000t of GD and GT board per year.   

The technical specifications are available on the following links:​​